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I’ve always been drawn to art and history. Imagine my parents despair when they realized early on that I was unlikely to follow in the family tradition of becoming a doctor, but would instead descend into the undesirable world of the starving artist.

Well, I’ve been very fortunate and am able to fuel my two loves working in the gift & collectible industry, where my creative bent has found a comfortable home.

Throughout my career I seem to have gravitated towards designing and producing miniatur
e replicas of both real and fantasy buildings. For the past 15 years I’ve had the privilege of being the product development director for Harbour Lights, who made a collection of intricately detailed replicas of real lighthouses from around the world.

While the majority of the work I’ve produced over the years has been primarily sculptural in form, I still love the artistic freedom of going back to basics and laying out a blank sheet of paper, setting out my pens, inks and watercolors and bringing to life these remarkable and intriguing buildings.