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Morris Island Lighthouse Limited Edition Print

Morris Island Lighthouse Limited Edition Print

$ 40.00

Giclee print on fine art paper

Signed Limited Edition of 500 prints

Print dimension: 13" x 19"


The current lighthouse standing on Morris Island was built in 1876, and was the third beacon to be built on this turbulent sandy shoal.

The construction of the tower was a massive undertaking. Over 200 wood pilings were driven fifty feet into the ground. Resting on top of the pilings a massive concrete foundation was poured, 16 feet thick by 33 feet wide. On top of this was built a gracefully tapering brick tower rising 161 feet into the air. In addition to the tower, a handsome three story house was built for the keepers, along with several storage sheds and oil houses.

Not long after the construction of the tower, the city of Charleston started building jetties at the entrance of the harbor. These jetties had an unexpected effect on the sand deposits in the local area. Even before the completion of the jetties it became apparent that nearby Sullivan’s Island and Morris Island were losing large amounts of sand. In 1800 the lighthouse stood some 2,700 feet from the water. By 1938, the lighthouse was at the water’s edge and the keeper’s house and ancillary buildings were long gone.

As a testimony to those early builders, the tower still stands even though the lighthouse now forms its own little island. However, because of long neglect, the tower’s foundation became perilously undermined. In 1999, a wonderful group of people formed a grass roots organization, “Save the Light, Inc.”, with the aim of rescuing this historic landmark and restoring it to its former glory. Because of their incredibly hard work and dedication, phase one of the restoration has now been completed and the foundation of the tower has been stabilized.

To find out more about the plans for the future of this magnificent lighthouse and how you can help ensure its bright future please visit:

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