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Point San Luis Lighthouse Open Edition Print

Point San Luis Lighthouse Open Edition Print

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Giclee print on fine art paper

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Point San Luis Lighthouse is located on the southwestern shore of San Luis Bay, CA. In response to the rapid growth of the port then known as Port Hartford, Congressman Romuald Pacheco, in 1873 introduced a bill in the House of Representatives for the construction of a lighthouse. After lengthy delays, Congress passed legislation in 1886 authorizing $50,000 for the construction of the station.

Further delays followed. The land needed for the desired location proved harder to buy than originally expected and the quotes for the construction of the lighthouse exceeded Congress’ budget.

The great need for the lighthouse was highlighted in 1888 when the steamship, Queen of the Pacific, began taking on water fifteen miles out from Port Hartford. Due to the lack of navigational lights along the coast, the Captain was forced to head to port very cautiously at a greatly reduced speed. Because of the delay, the ship settled to the bottom of the harbor only 500 feet from shore. All passengers and crew were, however able to make it to land safely.

Most likely spurred by the events of the near disaster, construction finally began. Two years later a light was lit from the new San Luis Point lighthouse on the evening of June 30, 1890.

Point San Luis is one of three lighthouses built in California following the same designs, and has

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