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Saginaw River Rear Range Lighthouse Open Edition Print

Saginaw River Rear Range Lighthouse Open Edition Print

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Giclee print on fine art paper

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Dredging of the mouth of the Saginaw River in 1867 allowed easier access to the river network for larger ships. Construction of the new channel made the Lighthouse built in 1831 obsolete.

It was determined that a series of two lighthouses were needed to guide vessels safely into the river channel, forming a Range Lightstation. A ship would steer into the channel, lining the two lights up, thereby knowing that they were within the dredge channel. It is believed that the Saginaw River Range was the first range light system used in the United States.

In 1962 the Lighthouse was deactivated. The station was bought in 1986 by Dow Chemical, who owned the surrounding land. The lighthouse is in desperate need of restoration, however due in part to the fact that Dow does not allow public access to the station they have little incentive to invest in this historical treasure.

A dedicated group of lighthouse lovers formed the Saginaw River Marine Historical Society, and act as docents for the property, working hard to keep the grounds presentable and carrying out emergency repairs on the building when needed.

For information on Saginaw River Historical Society see: saginawriver.comA truly nicer group of people you could never hope to meet.

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