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Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Fresnel Lens

Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Fresnel Lens

$ 200.00

Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Fresnel Lens.

I personally hand cast, hand painted and assembled each Toledo Harbor Lens in my Sand Diego based studio. 


The origianl Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Lens is on display at the Maumee Bay State Park Lodge in Ohio. Toledo Harbor's 3 1/2 order lens is quite unique. Manufactured in Paris by Barbier & Benard, it has a bi-valve lens on one side and a combination of two bull's eye panels and a prismatic reflector on the other side.

Edition size:        300 or less. I'll retire this piece in a few months even if the edition size is not sold                                 through.

Dimensions:        8 3/4 inches tall
                              6  inches wide
                              5 inches deep

Lighting:              The lens is lit with an LED light that is powered by 3 AAA batteries. (There is no socket                                              for an electrical adapter)

Price:                    $200.00  
Shipping               $  25.00

To see the long winded story about how this piece came to be, please head over to my blog page.