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West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Limited Edition Print

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Limited Edition Print

$ 40.00

Giclee print on fine art paper

Signed Limited Edition of 500 prints

Print dimension: 13" x 19"



West Quoddy Head Lighthouse stands on the easternmost point of the United States, on the west side of Quoddy Narrows. For many reasons navigation through this channel is confusing and treacherous. At times, the areas notorious pea soup thick fog makes it utterly impossible to see more than a few feet. So many ships wrecked against the rocks that by the early nineteenth century citizens and mariners demanded that a lighthouse be built along this stretch of coast. In 1806, President Thomas Jefferson agreed and ordered its construction.

West Quoddy Head had the nation’s first fog bell. It weighed 500 pounds and had to be struck by hand. Through the years West Quoddy used many different signals to try and cut through the thick fog to warn of the surrounding dangers.

The dripping mist, craggy cliffs and jagged rocks surrounding the charming red and white towered lighthouse makes West Quoddy Head one of the country’s most picturesque lighthouses.


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